The Table Podcast – Round 15

The Table returns for another week, you can listen below.

Shorty identifies Bachar Houli as a top six defender.
Schon likes the look of a discounted Steele Sidebottom.
And Adam can’t separate two Saints stars who are dominating at the moment.

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13 thoughts on “The Table Podcast – Round 15

  1. I have two more spots left to fill up my defence and I can afford any TWO defenders in the league. I currently have Hodge, Shaw, Hibbo and Newnes. Simpson? B. Murphy? Houli?


    1. Hi Pinidu,
      Kade Simpson definitely, he’s been great since returning. Otherwise it’s a flip of the coin between Bob & Bachar. Murphy’s probably more consistent but Houli has a higher ceiling. Personally I’d go Murphy.


  2. Thoughts on my team this week Josh?

    D: Hodge, Shaw, Simpson, Murphy, Hibberd, Newnes (Hamling, Edwards)
    M: Fyfe, Pendles, Danger, JPK, Selwood, Lewis, Griffen, Saad (Lambert, Neal Bullen, Boston)
    R: Goldy, Maric (Lucey)
    F: Gray, Swan, Martin, Buddy, Mitchell, Bont (Steele, Dale)

    I’m prepared to cop the donut for Maric as the rest of my team looks set. Next week I’ll downgrade Boston and Hamling before upgrading Saad the weeks after.


    1. I like it mate. I think I may take the donut for Maric too, unfortunately.
      Side looks really good, and I agree that Saad is a last resort for upgrading, he’s been really consistent. How many trades left?


      1. 7 trades left this week. Once I’ve upgraded Saad I’ll have four trades left for injuries.
        I really like your website Josh, I’ll definitely recommend it to some of my mates!


  3. Thank you very much Pinidu for recommending this site mate. I’ve got 7 trades with Krakouer and possibly Hamling out this week. Should I keep Saad and use the money to upgrade elsewhere (Oxley)? If I trade Saad, I will have 1 precious trade remaining for the finals.. Cheers 🙂


    1. Hi Samvir,
      If that’s the case, hold onto Saad. His scoring has been solid enough to stay for now, and trades are like gold come finals. So ideally you’ll want more than one!


  4. Josh, thanks for advising me to get Bob Murph instead of Bachar Houli. I was really worried becuase their both very similar players and I couldn’t decide which one to pick along with Simpson. You told me to go for Murphy, I did and after Houli scored a under par 65 last night against Carlton I couldn’t have been happier. I saw the list of teams that you barrack for above, I am also a passionate sports fan. Here’s my list: Collingwood, Chelsea, Melbourne Victory and Melbourne Stars. As you can probably tell, I am from Melbourne.


    1. Glad I could help, hopefully Murphy does okay now!
      We’ve got a group on FB called The SuperCoach HQ Pack, you should check it out!


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