Trade Winds for Round 14

Just when we thought things were getting back onto the straight and narrow with the bye rounds behind us, we have had some significant players get injured and suspended, meaning many of us will have part with some more of those much-needed trades in order to survive. If you are desperate for wins or to cement a top four position in your league – or if you are in the race for the money – the blokes listed below might have to fall by the wayside, all in the name of team progress.

Rory SLOANE – Adelaide – $480,100 Av 100 Fractured cheekbone, out for 4 to 6 weeks
Haven’t we done this before? That’s right, SLOANE’s cursed year has continued with another serious injury, this time a fractured cheekbone that will see him out of action for the next month at least. Shocking news for the Crows but equally bad for the 15.5% of SC teams who have him, particularly those who only brought him in recently. Unfortunately he simply has to be moved on.
Jobe WATSON (Ess) – $458,200 Av 97
Elliott YEO (WCE) – $476,300 Av 89
Josh KENNEDY (Syd) – $479,000 Av 104
Steele SIDEBOTTOM (Coll) – $496,400 Av 97
Dylan SHIEL (GWS) – $511,000 Av 107

Verdict :Its a blow losing SLOANE but the replacements are juicy. YEO is a nice POD as is SIDEBOTTOM, but I’d take the KENNEDY deal any day of the week.

Jarryd ROUGHEAD – Hawthorn – $462,000 Av 98 Melanoma – out indefinitely
One of the more popular players in the league, big ROUGHY has been dealt a blow after having an operation to remove a melanoma from his lip. The result is that he will be missing from the Hawks lineup for quite some time – for the rest of the year it seems, although the Hawks are hoping it might not be for that long. We all wish the big fella a speedy recovery, however for the 19% of SC teams who have him it means he has to be moved on – difficult to do after his 150 pt game last weekend.
Dayne ZORKO (Bris) – $447,400 Av 88
Jack GUNSTON (Haw) – $441,400 Av 93
Nick RIEWOLDT (St.K) – $479,200 Av 91
Josh KENNEDY (WCE) – $485,200 Av 100
Luke DAHLHAUS (Bull) – $512,600 Av 104

Verdict :A nice array of players to fill ROUGHY shoes. If you’ve got the cash, DAHLHAUS is a gun – if not, maybe GUNSTON will benefit from his absence?

Stefan MARTIN – Brisbane – $556,200 Av 108 Suspended for two weeks
Perhaps a little unlucky to receive two weeks after some other MRP decisions last weekend, MARTIN will now be missing for the next fortnight. Obviously you should hold him if you can, however if you are desperate to win to keep in touch, then he may well have to leave. The good part is, at his price you just about have the full selection of ruckmen to choose from – its up to you.
Sam JACOBS (Adel) – $527,000 Av 102
Aaron SANDILANDS (Freo) – $548,900 Av 98
Nic NATANUI (WCE) – $553,200 Av 101
Mark BLICAVS (Geel) – $567,400 Av 110
Todd GOLDSTEIN (Nth) – $593,200 Av 117

Verdict :If you have the cash GOLDSTEIN is the standout ruckman in the comp in terms of fantasy scoring. If not, NICNAT or JACOBS are worth a look.

Jake CARLISLE – Essendon – $317,400 Av 62 Ankle injury, out for 4 to 6 weeks
Another to have had a disappointing 2015 is Bomber swingman CARLISLE. Appearing disillusioned and disinterested at times, CARLISLE has now injured his ankle and is out for most of the remainder of the year. Only selected in 2.5% of SC teams, CARLISLE can be chosen as a defender or a forward – unfortunately, given the value he is now worth, those chosen to fill his shoes are risky at best.
As a defender :
Shane SAVAGE (St.K) – $321,300 Av 68
Brodie SMITH (Adel) – $321,800 Av 74
Josh BRUCE (St.K) – $356,700 Av 79
Nick MALCESKI (GC) – $373,300 Av 58
Sam COLQUHOUN (Port) – $188,300 Av 76
As a forward :
Charlie DIXON (GC) – $304,700 Av 67
Sam REID (Syd) – $326,300 Av 65
Matthew PAVLICH (Freo) – $328,000 Av 80
Tex WALKER (Adel) – $353,300 Av 80
Shaun McKERNAN (Ess) – $255,300 Av 80

Verdict :The downgrade options in COLQUHOUN and McKERNAN actually make some sense here, and free up some cash. If not, I like BRUCE as a defender and DIXON as a forward.

That’s it for another week of Trade Winds. Hopefully you still have enough trades to see your team successfully through to the finals, which is obviously still a while away. remember, trade wisely but only if necessary at this stage, and keep your fingers crossed for a quiet injury week this weekend.

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