2015 Mid-year SuperCoach All-Australian Side

There’s a lot of media groups spending time putting together their mid-year All-Australian sides, or rolling sides that change week to week like Matthew Lloyd’s on the Sunday Footy Show. So I thought why not put one together that strictly focused on SuperCoach stats. If the real All-Australian side was put together now, obviously there will be some players that match mine (Fyfe, maybe Goldstein etc…) but then again there will be plenty different.

Enjoy having a look through the side, but don’t forget to look at the stats (link to spreadsheet), the criteria for the side, the unlucky players and other things I’ve written below.


Talking with others, it was decided that a minimum of eight games should have been played to be eligible for this side (two thirds of the season so far). The players were picked by average points per game, not total points, and the players were structured into a regular 22, excluding a sub. It was all objective, so I only looked purely at stats and positions, meaning that most of the forward line actually play a large chunk in the midfield. This also means that it may not be properly functioning side (e.g. there’s only one key position defender and one key position forward).

What made me pick these guys? Some selections you may have surprised you, but the stats back up the selections. The stats can be found in this spreadsheet

These 22 players were picked by pure SuperCoach stats and put into positions, so they’ve well and truly earnt their spots. If anyone was slightly lucky it was Tom Mitchell, Brett Deledio & Luke Hodge. The other 19 players have all played 11 or 12 games, whereas Mitchell & Deledio have played eight and Hodge nine. Who knows where these three will be after 11-12 games, but they made the side by the criteria set and I’m sticking with it.

There were a bunch of midfielders that were unlucky. David Mundy, David Armitage, Scott Thompson & Callan Ward all played eight games and all average more than the bench players in my side. But I preferred to have the bench set up as one player from each position. The only issue this causes is that there are seven defenders and seven forwards, while only six midfielders. However Gray, Martin, Deledio, Hodge, Mitchell, Swan & Blicavs all have midfield DPP status in SuperCoach so I classed this as acceptable; the only time I was subjective in picking this side. Leigh Montagna is the most unlucky player. Montagna averages 115.57 points per game, the sixth highest in the league, and only behind Fyfe, Goldstein, Dangerfield & Hannerbery in this AA side (Gawn averages 120.67 ppg but from only three games). Montagna has only played seven games, so sticking with the criteria, he misses out.

Because of the outstanding seasons these players are having, a lot of them are in 15-20% of sides or more. Fyfe is in a whopping 65%, while Swan (57.4%) & Gray (51.6%) are the other two players in over half of the SuperCoach sides (Adam Saad is the only other player in over 50%). However, many of these guys are PODs and in under 5-10%. They’re possibly the ones that surprised you; Laird (5.5%), Picken (3.8%), Priddis (8.8%), Riewoldt (2.4%), Deledio (8.8%), Dahlhaus (9.7%) & Enright (3.5%).

Fyfe was a no brainer to take the captaincy. He has replaced Ablett as the new perma-captain. He averages 17 more points than anyone in this side, has not scored below 100 (lowest score of 107) and he has scored over 120 in nine of the 12 games. For the vice-captain I went to look into the player with a bit of x-factor and selected the player had the most scores over 120, aside from Fyfe. It turned out that it was Goldstein, who averages the second most anyway. He has scored over 120 on six occassions; as has Tom McDonald, but Goldstein got the nod because of the higher average.

Is this side the correct one in your view? Is the criteria appropriate? Who/what surprised you? Who do you think should’ve made it that didn’t? Let us know your thoughts on FaceBook, drop a comment below or hit us up on Twitter (@AaronSCHQ or @SuperCoach_HQ)

2 thoughts on “2015 Mid-year SuperCoach All-Australian Side

    1. Would’ve made the bench if I put midfielders all on the bench. There’s 6 midfielders in this side and Armitage’s average of 112.83 has him ranked 8th behind the 6 in this side, plus David Mundy.


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