Our Chat with the SuperCoach Leader

Before today, most of us only knew him as ‘D’. He is the current SuperCoach leader with his team ‘Hard to Beat’ and was somewhat anonymous. A few people wanted to speak to him, but between Twitter and Facebook circles, he was a hard man to get a hold of. In fact, Ben Waterworth mentioned in the Herald Sun SuperFooty podcast that they were unable to find him.

Screen Shot 2015-06-27 at 11.33.47 am

We have, however! His name is Darren, he lives in VIC, and we were lucky enough to be able to ask him some questions.

Darren, currently number one

Darren has a 375 point lead on second place heading into Round 13 and he traded out Nat Fyfe before his bye. We’ve asked him questions about that, and more. Enjoy!

SCHQ: What time of the year did you start putting your team together? How much research did you do?
D: I started about two weeks out from Round 1. I don’t have Foxtel or SuperCoach Gold, so I really just followed the Herald Sun, listened to the radio and obviously looked at last years form.

SCHQ: What did you final squad look like heading into Round 1? How many rookies, mid-pricers, premiums, etc..?
D: That’s a tough one. I really don’t have anything written down about my past, current or future teams. It’s probably easier to list a few players that I did and didn’t have that I think have helped me.

Didn’t start with: Ablett, Bartel, Rockliff & Sloane. Started with: Blicavs, Neale & Goldstein and I jumped on Tom Mitchell when he was available.

SCHQ: You have a decent lead at the moment (375pts). At what stage did you realise you were going to be in the hunt for the main prize?
D: It wasn’t until I got to 9th that I started to concentrate on overall. There’s still a long way to go and I’m not getting carried away. I’ve never really worried about overall before, normally just concentrate on league results, but obviously it’s overall or bust now!

SCHQ: Moving onto the byes, lots of people had excel spreasheets, online planners, etc… How did you tackle it?
D: I certainly haven’t used spreadsheets or online planners. I probably spend 30 minutes to 1 hour on it a week. But maybe with $50k on the line I should revisit the possibility of spreadsheets, haha. My goal was to have eight premium mids play each week during the bye. Hence trading Fyfe, Pendlebury and other premiums.

SCHQ: It came to our attention that you traded Fyfe out. Assuming this was to chase points, when is he coming back into you side? What other premiums have you traded out?
D: Fyfe is back in this week (Round 13). I have traded out Fyfe, Pendlebury and a handful of other premiums.

SCHQ: You’re having a good year so far, but what – if anything – has gone wrong? Clearly lots has gone right!
D: I traded in Sloane when I was boarding a plane, only to realise he had the first bye a week later. I also traded in Rockliff after his first injury.

SCHQ: What’s your biggest positive for 2015? Maybe a mid-pricer that’s paid off, etc…?
D: Blicavs, Blicavs, Blicavs, Blicavs.

SCHQ: After the byes, what do you think is a good number of trades for people to have left if they’re targetting a certain overall position?
D: If you’re in the top 50 I would assume you’ve got a pretty good side already, with only a couple of upgrades required. Having 10+ trades would be good but a lot will depend on who gets injured or who is rested in the last three weeks. There is plenty of luck required.

SCHQ: What about if you’re just targetting league results?
D: If you’re chasing league results you would want more trades than if you’re chasing overall – the more trades the better. I’d be comfortable with about 12.

SCHQ: What are your plans after the byes as you move forward?
D: There are maybe two players that I want to add to my team. Possibly three if Ablett fires up.

We cannot thank Darren enough for sharing some of this information with the SuperCoach world and for taking the time to do so. Obviously he was reserved about some questions we asked, but we’re sure you can understand that considering there’s a fair bit of coin on the line! A big thanks to a friend of his who was able to make the initial contact between SuperCoach HQ and Darren.

2 thoughts on “Our Chat with the SuperCoach Leader

  1. Nice little article. Just proves that no matter how much everyone bangs on about planning and spreadsheets and blah, blah, blah, that dumb luck plays as big of a part as anything.

    He’s got Buddy and Sloan … tough calls coming up.

    Good luck to him!


    1. I agree Daniel, a little luck goes a long way. But Darren has gone in with a plan (a ballsy one at that too) and stuck to it. Time will tell if it pays off


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