Trade Winds for Round 13

Thankfully the last of the byes rounds is upon us, and after this week you team should start resembling the shape it will be in come finals time – with a few trades in your back pocket for emergencies of course. After last weekends round of matches there wasn’t too much carnage – although there are a few big men who will be missing this weekend and might have to make their way out of your team if you are desperate for a victory to stay in touch with the leaders. Trades will become vitally important from here on in though – as will bench cover – so choose very, very carefully. Short and sweet this time around – lets hope it stays that way.

Tom BELLCHAMBERS – Essendon – $294,900 Av 62 Foot injury – out for 8 weeks
What a disappointing year it has been for Tom BELLCHAMBERS. Touted as a possible SC bargain at the beginning of the year due to his juicy price, he has been nothing short of a huge flop and has not actually dropped almost $8,000 for the season. This week it has been announced he has a foot injury that will basically see him out for the rest of the season, meaning the 14.5% of SC teams that still have him have to finally move him on. Good riddance to a bad investment I say.
Billy LONGER (St.K) – $349,500 Av 71
Mike PYKE (Syd) – $357,300 Av 68 (Ed: OUT THIS WEEK)
Max GAWN (Melb) – $410,200 Av 120
Tom NICHOLLS (GC) – $479,200 Av 91
Aaron SANDILANDS (Freo) – $515,200 Av 94

Verdict : Not much to go on with BELLCHAMBERS pathetic value, so if you have little cash LONGER could be your man. I don’t recommend him though – find some money and take the punt on GAWN.

Brodie GRUNDY – Collingwood – $436,000 Av 93 Neck injury – out for 1 to 2 weeks
In stark contrast to BELLCHAMBERS, what a great year its been for GRUNDY, who has stepped into the spotlight and assumed the No1 ruck mantle at the Pies very well. Having increased in value by $100,000 and with a healthy average of 93 and a highest score of 119, he has been very consistent – however he is out for a week or two with a neck injury and if you are desperate for a bye round win you may just need to trade him. Hold if you can, but if not here are the options.
Max GAWN (Melb) – $410,200 Av 120
Tom NICHOLLS (GC) – $479,200 Av 91
Aaron SANDILANDS (Freo) – $515,200 Av 94
Sam JACOBS (Adel) – $519,000 Av 100
Mark BLICAVS (Geel) – $567,400 Av 110

Verdict : As a straight swap you could take the chance on GAWN, but I expect his average to drop soon. BLICAVS would be my target – he is on fire and very difficult to match up on, and has little competition especially now STANLEY is out for the season

That’s it for this week – as I said, short and sharp which is a good thing. The big news this week is, of course, the expected return of the little magician GAZZA. It will be very interesting to see if he returns to his high-scoring antics of previous years quickly – and if so, how teams will scramble to try and accommodate him back into their lineups. Those early trades might come back to haunt us…

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