POD Report – Round 13

Last week I searched for the best POD that was coming off the bye. It was Brandon Ellis, who scored a reasomnable 100. This week I was planning on finding the best individual POD player that has had their bye, however no one stood out. As is normally the case, the main names were midfielders; Jarrad McVeigh, Leigh Montagna and David Armitage are all scoring well and in a small amount of teams. However, I’ve opted this week to deliberately look in the three other positions. Enjoy reading about the best defensive, ruck and forward PODs!

Rory Laird (defender – selected in 4.8% of sides – 3 round average of 125.67, 5 round average of 108.4)
I took a while to warm up Laird. He started with 107 & 98 then dropped to a couple of 50s. Since then he’s scored 89, 122, 101, 64, 131, 132 & 114. So really only the one blemish in the past 7 rounds. The positive is that he is scoring well, really well. But the one thing that I am still unsure about is his price tag of $517,000, just a lazy $199,200 more than his starting price. Well worth around 500k if he keeps up the form though.

Aaron Sandilands (ruckman – selected in 6.9% of sides – 3 round average of 133.33, 5 round average of 109.2)
The big fella is in ripping form. His SuperCoach season has been a bit of ying and yang so far. He averaged 76.4 in the first 5 rounds and he has average 109, on the dot, over the past 6 rounds and he is coming off back-to-back 120s! He is in such good playing that form that in Round 9 he broke the AFL/VFL hit out record, with 69 and then broke his own record in Round 11, with 70. That was broken in Round 12 by Todd Goldstein, who had 80 hit outs! With the current form Sandi’s in and a breakeven if 58, he won’t get much cheaper than his current price of $515,200.

Nick Riewoldt (forward – selected in 2.1% of sides – 3 round average of 114.67, season average of 91)
The St.Kilda champ has slowed as he career has gone on; but not by much. Let’s remember he is a key position forward, the kind of player we often steer away from in SuperCoach. His averages by season since 2006 are: 107, 117, 114, 114, 113, 109, 87, 96, 105, 92 and 91 so far this year. He actually averages 102.5 when you remove the 22 that he scored when he was concussed in the first quarter against Adelaide. There’s less pressure on him this year with Josh Bruce being a focal point in the forward line. But Roo is doing his usual thing as I think he would do regardless. Lots of marks, effective disposals and a few goals here and there. Great POD for 459k.

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