Trade Winds for Round 12


As we head into week two of the bye rounds, now the fun begins as hopefully you have some cash and trades up your sleeve which will allow you to bring players in who have already had their bye last weekend. This allows you to make the most of them over the next fortnight to boost your scores. Of course its not all good news, with some injuries cropping up, especially to one popular big fella from GWS. Scroll down as we go through some guys who will be missing this week, and then touch on who you should be targeting to add to your team this weekend.

Shane MUMFORD – GWS – $551,400 Av 106 Ankle injury, out for the season
Always a popular choice in the SC world, we love Mummy because he is hard at it, gaining just as many points from tackles as anything else. Well, for the 10% of SC teams who have him they now have to find those points elsewhere, as the big fella is gone for the rest of the season with an ankle injury. Its a shame for GWS and for fantasy players, as Mummy had been travelling well, averaging over 100 with a top scores of 138, 136, 126 and 122 from the eleven matches of the 2015 season. Keep it together though – the possible replacements are special.
Stefan MARTIN (Bris) – $574,200 Av 109
Ivan MARIC (Rich) – $572,600 Av 105
Todd GOLDSTEIN (Nth) – $554,300 Av 114
Sam JACOBS (Adel) – $539,100 Av 102
Mark BLICAVS (Geel) – $529,400 Av 106

Verdict : Who would’ve thought BLICAVS would’ve been in this conversation? He’s on fire, but its hard to go past GOLDY as pretty much a straight swap. JACOBS maximizes you’re bye rounds also…

James KELLY – Geelong – $394,800 Av 74 Ankle injury, out for a month
Poor old KELLY hasn’t had the greatest of years in 2015 – first he bursts a nut, now he’s injured his ankle and will be missing for around a month. He’s only in 1% of SC teams, but if you had him as a POD its now time to move him on. He’s only averaged 74 this season with a top score of 96, so he hasn’t exactly set the world on fire, which means the choices to replace him aren’t as clear cut. See if you can pick the diamond out of these guys.
Jeremey McGOVERN (WCE) – $424,400 Av 88
Shaun BURGOYNE (Haw) – $423,000 Av 84
Andrejs EVERITT (Carl) – $432,500 Av 84
Sam DOCHERTY (Carl) – $435,900 Av 91
Rory LAIRD (Adel) – $475,500 Av 96

Verdict :No the best lineup here, but I like the way DOCHERTY has gone about it this year, and LAIRD has been a revelation. Either of them should serve you well.

Joel PATFULL – GWS – $277,100 Av 57 Ribs and lung injury, out for 4 to 6 weeks
It was a bad week for GWS last weekend, losing PATFULL, MUMFORD and DAVIS all with significant injuries. PATFULL has broken ribs and a punctured lung, and will be out of action for at least a month so can no longer hold his place in the 1% of SC teams who have him. Values at only $277,100 it means that the best option is to downgrade him, and fortunately there are a few juices choices to take up the position.
Brodie SMITH (Adel) – $339,800 Av 76
Alex PEARCE (Freo) – $165,700 Av 56 (BYE)
Joel HAMLING (Bull) – $123,900 Av 65
Shaun EDWARDS (Ess) – $123,900 Av 77 (BYE)

Verdict :Stretch up to SMITH if you can – I think he can bounce back from an injury-interrupted season so far and could become a keeper. From the downgrade options I actually like the two who have byes this week in PEARCE and EDWARDS.

With one bye round gone, if you have cashed up and are looking to bring some premiums in to beef up your side this week, the best option to maximize points is obviously to recruit someone who had the bye last weekend. Below is a list of the best options – by position – from those who already have their bye behind them.

Risk : Brodie SMITH

Risk : Pearce HANLEY


Risk : Eddie BETTS

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