POD Report – Round 12

This week and next I will take a look at the best POD player who is coming off a bye. If it works out then you can trade in a player who has the bye coming, but it’s more practical to get somebody coming off the bye. Last week Richmond, Brisbane, Hawthorn, Carlton, Western Bulldogs & Adelaide had the bye.

Brandon Ellis (midfielder – selected in 1.4% of sides – season average of 107.1, 3 Rd av: 119.33, 5 Rd av: 111.2)
I couldn’t look past the 21 year old Richmond midfielder. He is in his fourth season and continues to improve each year. His SuperCoach averages so far are 56, 81, 97, and this year he is averaging 107. Being a midfielder he is the mix with many guns. His 107 average doesn’t match up with the top 10, but his recent form has been outstanding. Sitting and look at his scores though, the consistency stood out; he hasn’t scored below 90. His scores in 2015 are: 123, 90, 90, 103, 109, 95, 103, 113, 128 & 117. However, Ellis’ stats resemble last years. He is only averaging just over 1 disposal (27.4) and 1 tackle (3.9) per game more than 2014, and just under 1 mark extra (6.3). He is ranked 19th per game for effective disposals per game, leading me to believe this may somewhat contribute to the rise of 10 points a game. At just $549,700, he could be a good player to bring in for Touk Miller.

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