Schon’s Skippers – R11

How many of us had the VC on Nat Fyfe and didn’t take his 116?
I’m one of many who want against faith and replace Fyfe. Lesson learnt.

It was a tough round for captains with many popular picks failing to make the three figures. My three picks pretty disastrous, to put it lightly: Matt Priddis (110), Steele Sidebottom (59) and Nat Fyfe (116).


It’s a smaller preview this week for a smaller round. Remember, no Adelaide, no Brisbane, no Carlton, no Hawthorn, no Richmond, no Dogs.

Robbie Gray

Many decided it would be Gray’s form to take over from Fyfe’s mediocre 116, and he let plenty down with his lowest score (and first under 119) since round five. Must say I’m unconvinced this week too, with a career average of just 77 against the Cats.

Joel Selwood
Duckwood finally decided to pull his finger out and deliver only his fourth 100 of the season, 122. Let’s hope it’s a sign of things to come. Worth keeping in mind that in 2013 he scored 160 against the Power.

Matt Priddis

He keeps on delivering, time and time again. He’s got the Bombers’ midfield this week, and they were seriously flat last week. Pencil in another hundred, how high though is the question.


Josh P Kennedy
Never fear, this run of lows will come to an end. JPK is my pick of the Swans this week because he averages 128 against the Roos since the start of 2013. Keep your faith.

Steele Sidebottom

If you did grab Sidey only for him to disappoint on Queen’s B’day, don’t lose faith. His two games against the Giants read 112 & 155, and he looms as a great upgrade after his bye.

Scott Pendlebury
Pendles reminded us all of his consistency with another strong performance amid the carnage of a bad round. A career average of 125 against GWS and a super MCG record means a Fyfe VC into Pendles C looks a good option.

Top Three Options Round 11:
3. Scott Pendlebury
2. Matt Priddis
1. Nat Fyfe

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