Trade Winds for Round 10

Boom. Crash. Bang. The Supercoach world has been thrown into disarray this week, already reeling from a number of injuries to key players we now have several popular rookies left out of last night’s team selections. If you are unlucky enough you could have all of these guys missing this weekend – Clark, Bontempelli, Krakouer, Lever, McKenzie, Rockliff, Watson and Martin. It seems they are going down like dominoes, one following straight after the other. So what’s the solution? Are there possible rookies to bring in to generate some cash? Read on my friends, read on.

Tom ROCKLIFF – Brisbane – $481,700 Av 77 Rib injury – out for 4 to 6 weeks?
Its been a roller-coaster ride for Brisbane star Tom ROCKLIFF in season 2015, and it was compounded again last week when he re-broke three ribs in the loss to the Saints. Selected in a staggering 33% of SC teams, ROCKLIFF is great value – but only if he’s actually playing! The big dilemma now is whether to hold or trade him, and part of that decision is trying to figure out exactly how long he will be out for. Surely it will be longer this time around?
Shaun GRIGG (Rich) – $480,500 Av 90
Elliot YEO (WCE) – $479,000 Av 90
Jack ZIEBELL (NTH) – $461,500 Av 88
Andrew GAFF (WCE) – $483,300 Av 97
Michael BARLOW (Freo) – $487,800 Av 93
Joel SELWOOD (Geel) – $495,300 Av 96

Verdict : If you have a bit in the kitty and feel ROCKY has to go, SELWOOD is the obvious choice – he has to turn his form around soon, and could be great value. If cash is an issue, ZIEBELL or YEO could surprise.

Mitch CLARK – Geelong – $304,800 Av 64 Ankle injury – out 1 to 2 weeks
As we feared, keeping Mitch CLARK on the field is becoming a bit of an issue for the Cats. The big fella has been serviceable this season with a 64 pt average, however this is the second time he will be missing with a leg injury, which is a concern. Selected in a massive 58% of SC teams, CLARK has a top score of 89 in 2015, and a current breakeven of 55. Given his injury history, I’d expect him to miss two weeks – can you justify keeping him? I would if you have coverage, but if not then he might have to go.
Lewis TAYLOR (Bris) – $348,400 Av 68
Dayne ZORKO (Bris) – $406,300 Av 83
Hugh GODDARD (St.K) – $122,300
Jack STEELE (GWS) – $117,300

Verdict : Two options with CLARK – downgrade him to probably STEELE, who should hopefully play this week, or upgrade him with some cash to someone like ZORKO, who has the potential to be a keeper.

Jobe WATSON – Essendon – $486,300 Av 98 Groin injury – out 1 or 2 weeks?
WATSON joins this article primarily because groin injuries don’t usually keep players out for only one week – I’d be expecting maybe a fortnight on the sidelines for the inspirational Bomber leader. Obviously hold him if you have coverage, but if you are desperate for a win and need to move him on then you might have to. With a high score of 147 this season however, I’d be doing it with a heavy heart. Resist if you can.
Andrew GAFF (WCE) – $483,800 Av 97
Michael BARLOW (Freo) – $487,800 Av 93
Hamish HARTLETT (Port) – $488,100 Av 95
Joel SELWOOD (Geel) – $495,300 Av 96
Keiran JACK (Syd) – $500,800 Av 99

Verdict : Not a bad bunch this lot, so at least you’re getting quality. SELWOOD would still be my pick, with JACK not far behind.

Jack MARTIN – Gold Coast – $350,200 Av 72 Hamstring injury – out for 4 weeks
Wow, that black cat keeps lurking around the Gold Coast changerooms doesn’t it? This time its MARTIN out again, this time with a hamstring injury that will see him miss the next month. Selected in 3% of SC teams, MARTIN was seen as a real breakout candidate this season, however injury has again cruelled his year so far. Needless to say, if you have him move him on.
Lewis TAYLOR (Bris) – $348,400 Av 68
Jesse HOGAN (Melb) – $362,900 Av 82
Alan CHRISTENSEN (Bris) – $395,500 Av 77
Taylor ADAMS (Coll) – $399,900 Av 85
Dayne ZORKO (Bris) – $406,300 Av 83

Verdict : Not the greatest of names here, but if you have enough to stretch up to CHRISTENSEN or ZORKO, I’d expect their input to increase for the remainder of the season which could make them nice POD selections.

Its a big week for SC players this weekend, where a lot of movement in the rankings might occur depending on whether coaches decide to pull the trigger and trade or hold on and wait out the storm. If you need rookies, keep an eye on HAMLING or DUMONT as possible downgrade options this week. Personally I’m now leaning more toward trading ROCKY, especially since this is his second bout of broken ribs which may see him take longer to recover. Still, its difficult to pass him up at the price he’s at – maybe look at getting him back in a month or so? It all comes down to how many trades you have left and whether it fits into your strategy. Remember, the byes are just around the corner!

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