New Kids On The Block – Round 10

Round 9 was a great one for coaches but Round 10 seems like it will be horrible for coaches with some of the outs named for this round. Some of the rookie outs are Mitch ClarkNathan KrakouerJake LeverShane Biggs and Daniel McKenzie. But we do have a few rookie ins in Hugh Goddard ($122,300 DEF,FWD), Jack Steele ($117,300 FWD,MID), Hugh Beasley ($102,400 DEF), Josh Clayton ($117,300 FWD), Josh McGuinness ($117,300 DEF), Orazio Fantasia ($168,400 FWD), Toby McLean ($117,300 FWD), Peter Wright ($187,300 FWD/RUC). Hopefully this ins can help fill in holes in a squads just before the byes.

Injury Update: To make this article better I’m trialing a few things this week so leave feedback in the comments about what you think the first is the Injury Update, which gives you the latest news on SuperCoach rookie injuries. Debut sensation Joshua Glenn is still another week away after not making the Gold Coast team this week which adds further hassles for owners who picked him up after his debut 100. Owners who decided to hold onto Isaac Heeney for one reason or another may be rewarded for their patience during the bye rounds with the former Swans academy player closing in on a return with an estimated 1-2 weeks left on the sidelines with his knee injury. Beware though a he will be a huge vest risk when he returns. Popular early season rookie Tom Lamb is surprisingly still owned by 11% of teams but unfortunately for them he is still about 3 weeks away from a return . Brett Goodes is also about 4-5 weeks away after breaking his arm a couple weeks back against Melbourne. Popular FWD/MID Kane Lambert is also closing in on a return from a shoulder injury with a return likely in 1-2 weeks just in time for the byes.

Rookie of the Round: Another new thing I’m trialing and feel free in the comments to write who you believe should be Rookie of the Round. I am pleased to announce this weeks Rookie of the Round is Angus Brayshaw! Brayshaw was outstanding for the Dees scoring a whopping 107 and he’s really rewarding owners who spent that extra money on his high price tag.

Trade Table: Unfortunately some of our rookies are injured and/or maxed out in value and every week I will look at the players you should be looking to trade out.

First up is Adam Oxley. For some reason The Ox was subbed out for only 25 points! He’s named as an emergency this week and I am sure many owners like me are scared of his position in the Magpies side. His break even has skyrocketed to 96. Hopefully we can hold on to The Ox until at least the bye but we may be forced otherwise. Options to trade in for him are Joel HamlingTom ClureyHugh Goddard and Jake Kolodjashnij

Next up is Mitch Clark. Clark has been largely inconsistent this season but has made us cash and provided a good option to have as emergency or even start. Clark is out this week and possibly next so he is definitely an option who you may need to trade with the upcoming byes. If you are trading him out look at upgrading him to a down priced premium like Lance Franklin or even downgrade him for cash to one of the rookies on debut named at the start of the article.

Final rookie on the Trade Table this week is Nathan Krakouer. Once Impey came back into the team I was always worried of Krakouer’s role and that appears to have been his downfall. With Impey taking Krakouer’s role off half-back it appears to have forced him out of the Port team which has hurt many coaches this round even more. Just with Clark try to upgrade him to a underpriced premium or downgrade for cash.

Now to finish off I’ll go back to what I usually do just a bit shorter though. Daniel Robinson for the Swans scored an awesome 83 on debut and was originally in the vest but came on early. Be very wary of what the Swans are doing with Robinson I would personally wait another week to see if he gets the vest again or not. Keegan Brooksby looks to be the answer to our ruck bench dilemma. Brooksby and the debutant Peter Wright will provide valuable bench cover for all SuperCoaches. Brooksby did score 58 but may be worth getting in if you have the trades to. I would watch to see how Wright impacts on his role though and to get a better idea on his scoring. Andrew Boston played his first game of the year for Gold Coast on the weekend and scored a solid 71. Boston looks to be a solid option in the midfield along with Robinson but as I said before try to wait another week to see how they score. I will talk about these guys again next week.


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