Schon’s Skippers – Round 10

Welcome to Schon’s Skippers for Round 10!
I hope you had a very happy and successful Round 9, and it turned out to be one of the largest scoring rounds of the year. Unfortunately, it wasn’t happy for me, scoring a seemingly decent 2,254 and yet drifting backwards in the rankings to 3,949 overall.

My top three were okay, with Scott Pendlebury (81), Nat Fyfe (158) and Sam Mitchell (106) good but not outstanding. I had mentioned Buddy Franklin, Robbie Gray and Brendon Goddard and they produced big 100s, so it was consistent without being outstanding.

Nat Fyfe

Fyfe on Friday night is just a gimme for the VC. I’m sorry, but if you have him there’s really no other option. Maybe he’s due for a low one, but I hope not.

Brett Deledio
If you don’t have or can’t afford Fyfe, you might consider getting in the influential ‘Lids’. Last three games; 133, 142, 134, and the Tigers have won them all. Plus he’s available as a forward.

Patrick Dangerfield

We all knew Danger had a mammoth score in him, and against the best defence in the league to boot. Scarily, he plays Carlton this week, who he scored 174 against in 2012.


Josh P Kennedy
You can’t keep JPK down for long, and he’ll hit back from his 74 last week. Averages 120 against GC since 2012.

Lance Franklin
Buddy gets another mention this week after being pretty irresistible last week. A word of warning, Bud has never scored a ton against the Suns, in three games.

Matt Priddis
Priddis continues to tick over the hundreds, and meets perhaps his favourite side this week, North Melbourne. Ten games, average of 129, and a high of 188 are his numbers against them. Wow.

Luke Hodge

Still in plenty of sides is Hodgey, and I can only see that number growing after his 130 on the weekend. Has a fine record against the Saints and is predicted to score 120 this week.


David Armitage
Armo is second in the league to only Fyfe for points, and is only in 3.1% of sides. Has the Hawks this week, but hasn’t gone under 100 since round one.

Steele Sidebottom
Similarly to Armo, Sidebum is second to only Fyfe in terms of averages this year, a magnificent 124. He was huge against the Roos and of course has the Dees on the big stage this week.

My top 3:
3. Matt Priddis
2. Steele Sidebottom
1. Nat Fyfe. I would love to bump him from number one, but I just can’t. He’s the new Gaz.

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