New Kids On The Block – Round 9

Round 8 was good for some SuperCoach coaches with some players doing very well resulting in some high scores. It was also a very good round for our rookies. Aaron Vandenberg scored 131 which annoyed some coaches who traded him, Adam Oxley racked up 98 points loose off half back, Jesse Hogan racked up his 2nd hundred of the year with 110 and Adam Saad was also solid with his 84. There may be others who I left out so feel free to leave in the comments rookies who impressed you in Round 8.

Shane Biggs: The former Swans player made his debut with the Dogs on the weekend with a nice score of 70. This guy can definitely get the ball as it seemed his was also getting 40 odd disposals in the NEAFL last year almost every week it seemed. But at $209,300 you may want to think again. For a rookie his price is quite high and to justify his price he will have to score 70+ every week. I would wait one more week to see how he goes this week and get a good idea on his role at the Dogs.

Joshua Kelly: You may wonder why a player at $276,400 is in New Kids on the Block but Kelly did start at rookie price. Kelly scored 95 on the weekend which has put his break even down to 47 but he has been largely inconsistent. So far this year he has scored 76, 94, 50, 19, 23 and 95. As you can see this is very inconsistent. At his price I would be staying away from Kelly especially considering his wide bag of scores.

Connor Menadue: The young Tiger has started off the year with quite low scores but they have been vest effected. He has only scored 43 and 15 but he is only $117,300 which makes him more appealing. At this time you may been looking to downgrade someone e.g. Lonie and he can fit the bill. He might be a slow burn money making wise but could provide good bench cover. Just be wary of the vest risk if you bring him in.

Liam Dawson: Brisbane decided to give youngster Dawson a go on the weekend and he showed good signs. He had to play on 399 game going on 400 game veteran Dustin Fletcher and may have only scored 31 in a full game but had some good moments. It doesn’t help having one of the greatest defenders of all time playing on you in your debut so give him a chance. He is at the same price as Connor Menadue and he could definitely be serviceable.

2 thoughts on “New Kids On The Block – Round 9

  1. Am I missing something? Where’s Bailey Dale, Trent Dumont, Andrew Boston etc. There’s heaps more guys you should elaborate on.


    1. Usually I just go with players who have just played there first game for the season in the article. If you want me to elaborate on players more I am happy to do so. If you also want me to focus on rookies more than once not just in their debut I’m happy to do so. By the way I talked about Bailey Dale last week 😉


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