Trade Winds for Round 9

Welcome to another week of Trade Winds, and although scores across the board weren’t spectacular last weekend at least we didn’t have too many drastic injuries to deal with. Having said that, there are a number of POD-type players who have sustained some fairly significant injuries and will need to be moved on – is that war chest of trades starting to dwindle down yet? I hope not too badly, there’s a long way to go.

Brett GOODES – Bulldogs – $254,600 Av 48 Broken arm, out for 8 weeks
Selected in a staggering 11% of SC teams, GOODES has been a failed experiment this year, only averaging 48 pts per game with a highest score for the year of just 78. Those that selected him from the start would’ve hoped for better, but at least he made a little cash that can hopefully be built on now to gain you a solid performer in your defensive line.
Jake LEVER (Adel) – $206,700 Av 69
Daniel MCKENZIE (St.K) – $196,900 Av 59
Shane SAVAGE (St.K) – $317,700 Av 73 (Add $63,000)
Brodie SMITH (Adel) – $365,400 Av 77 (Add $111,000)

Verdict : If you have the cash in the kitty, the stretch up to SMITH could be well worth it provided he returns this week. A quality player who can score big, expect him to improve his numbers significantly.

Sam FISHER – St.Kilda – $442,400 Av 87 Hamstring – out for 4 weeks
FISHER has been a solid selection in 2015 without setting the world on fire. Chosen in 3% of SC teams, he was also a risky one given he age and injury issues, however an average of 87 pts per game with a top score of 121 was looking okay – but not any more. A hamstring strain will keep him out of action for at least a month, and at his price you just can’t afford to have him sit on the pine for that length of time.
Alex RANCE (Rich) – $453,900 Av 97
Jeremy McGovern (WCE) – $443,100 Av 96
Sam DOCHERTY (Carl) – $442,600 Av 93
Cale HOOKER (Ess) – $428,900 Av 97
Kade SIMPSON (Carl) – $460,700 Av 95

Verdict : HOOKER seems to represent the best value here, but if you are looking for a ice POD-type I’d go for McGovern – anyone that can take contested marks in the defensive end like he can is worth a serious look.

Bryce GIBBS – Carlton – $443,600 Av 82 Back injury – out for 1 to 2 weeks
Well what a disappointing year it has been for GIBBS and his footy club. Amidst all the turmoil the form reversal of GIBBS has almost been overlooked – this was a man who won the B&F last year and set several games alight. A shadow of his former self in 2015, the 1.5% of SC teams who took a punt on him will be very dirty. All I can say is take your medicine, swallow your pride and move him on. Not even a new coach will turn his form around this year.
Shaun GRIGG (Rich) – $448,900 Av 90
Michael RISCHITELLI (GC) – $448,400 Av 95
Daniel RICH (Bris) – $420,100 Av 93
Tom ROCKLIFF (Bris) – $465,400 Av 73
Michael BARLOW (Freo) – $491,600 Av 94 (Add $48,000)

Verdict : Obviously if you don’t have ROCKLIFF now is the time to grab him. However, if you do and you have a little cash, snaring BARLOW for under $500,000 is a steal.

Dion PRESTIA – Gold Coast – $505,100 Av 101 Knee injury – out for 12 to 16 weeks
Whoever ran over that black cat on the Gold Coast has a real lot to answer for. Can things get any worse for the struggling Suns? A raft of injuries only increases, with ball-magnet PRESTIA injuring his knee in last weekends match, and now forced to sit on the sidelines with so many of his team mates for virtually the remainder of the season. It has been a horrible year for the Suns, and if you were one of the 1.5% of SC teams who had PRESTIA, your season has just taken a dive also.
Leigh MONTAGNA (St.K) – 505,000 Av 114
Michael BARLOW (Freo) – $491,600 Av 94
Dane SWAN (Coll) – $492,300 Av 104
Tom MITCHELL (Syd) – $486,400 Av 112
Brett DELEDIO (Rich) – $532,400 Av 100

Verdict : Once again, although he isn’t listed ROCKLIFF would be the obvious under-priced choice. However if you have him already, I really like MONTAGNA and BARLOW as PODs who can belt out big scores that set you apart from other teams.

As well as these four there are some other players – YEO and JUDD for example – who are expected to only miss one week, so I wouldn’t bother trading them unless you really have to. With another round down, your management of trades – particularly between now and through the bye weeks – could make a huge difference to how your side ends up for the 2015 season. Bite the bullet if you have to, but if you don’t…then resist.

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