Round 9 POD Report

I’ve looked carefully at defenders and forwards this week, particularly with Tarrant, Salem, Lonie, McIntosh, etc… all getting close to being traded out of your side, if not already. Enjoy!


Jack Riewoldt (forward – selected in 2.3% of sides – 3 round average of 121)
JRoo has been superb in Richmond’s last couple of games and has been really consistent, in SuperCoach terms, since about Round 3. He started with scores of 89 & 67 but since then has not dropped below 95 points (96, 105, 101, 96, 121, 146). He is a hefty 520k, because of his recent form, but he has a breakeven of 43 so he will be rising more. Can he keep up the form?

Michael Hurley (defender – selected in 1.7% of sides – averaging 96.75)
Hurley has been one of the more consistent defenders, without getting much notice. Scores of 88, 91, 106, 104, 88, 63, 113 & 121 stood out to me. He hasn’t been an up and down kind of player this year and looks to have taken his SuperCoach game to a new level, after an average of 86 last year. The 63 is the only blemish but nearly every ‘premium’ defender has has those kind of scores this season already. He’s ranked 3rd in the AFL for rebound 50s – the main stat that stands out. Hurley will set you back a reasonable 470k.


Shannon Hurn (defender – selected in 2.4% sides – averaging 75.88)
Shannon… this is written directly to you. You have been a fantastic point of difference since 2009. You and your POD mate, Matthew Priddis, have been so valuable. But I now look at your averages of 93, 85, 82, 91, 88 & 87 and wonder what’s become of you this season. You should be in your prime; captaining a side second on the ladder and running around in a 27 year old body (albeit a 37 year old hair cut). 3 scores above 80 (86, 89, 119) IS NOT GOOD ENOUGH!! What is this crap with 53, 64, 76, 77 & 43? The 5,000+ sides that paid $470,000 for you WANT BETTER!! Our fearless leader, Schon, is fed up…………………. In all seriousness, I love you, but lift!!


Leigh Montagna (midfielder – 0.7% of sides – averaging 114)
Joey is a massive point of difference, as is with the case with many gun midfielders because there’s plenty of them. He is only 505k and will rise with a breakeven of 69. However he’s worth just watching for a bit because he hasn’t played 2 games in a row. Scores of 110, 104 & 128 are tempting though.

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