Round 8 POD Report


Jackson Thurlow (defender – selected in 1.7% of sides – 3 round average of 108.33)
“The heir to the Enright SuperCoach throne” is how Mr E.Better describes Jackson Thurlow. He’s been in good form this season, since coming into the Cats side in Round 3. His last 3 games (102, 104 & 119) show his consistency but the 52 is the elephant in the room. I do wonder how Mackie & Kelly returning will affect Thurlow, but for now he’s a solid option for his $406,400 price tag.

Matt Priddis (midfielder – selected in 5.3% of sides – 3 round average of 145)
I’ve always rated Priddis so I can guarantee that I’m not just jumping on the bandwagon after his 196… But it was pretty awesome! After a bit of a low patch he dropped to 535k but you can still grab him now for just under 600k; pretty awesome value for some who should average 110-115+ for the whole season. A quick look at Priddis’ stats shows that he is averaging 30.1 disposals & 7.3 tackles per game while ranking highly in contested possessions, effective disposals and clearances (all SuperCoach friendly stats).

Eddie Betts (forward – selected in 4.8% – 3 round average of 121.33)
The premier small forward of the competition at the moment and second in the coleman medal, Betts has been in fantastic form. He has just ticked over $500,000 but at this stage he’s averaging 110 so he’s worth every penny. I can’t see too many issues with picking Eddie, except that he needs a bag to score a ton. In the two games in which he only scored 1 goal he was below 100, however those scores were a respactable 92 & 88. His lowest score this season is 72; he kicked 4 goals that game but his disposals, inside 50s, tackles and marks were nearly the lowest for the season. He has never averaged over 85 before, but I’ve given him 7 rounds and he seems a solid pick.


Ben McEvoy (ruckman – selected in 1.7% of sides – averaging 58.5)
The big boy is only a fragment of his past this year. McEvoy averaged over 100 in 2011-2012 and around the 90 point mark in 2013-2014. It is hard to believe that at 25 years of age when he should be improving, he has dropped significantly. He is currently out with a hamstring injury, worth keeping in your mind when he returns, but I cannot see a massive improvement once he’s back. His stats telling the story – an average, per game, of 8.5 disposals, 13.5 hit outs, 2.3 marks and 2.2 tackles are well down on what he’s capable of. I feel for you if you started with a Minson/McEvoy ruck combo!


Steele Sidebottom (midfielder – selected in 0.6% of sides – 136 in only game)
Sidebottom returns this week from a broken thumb. He proved his premium status last year, taking his game to a new level – averaging 113. His price won’t change this week so we can wait on him and see what he produces in Round 8.

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