New Kids On The Block – Round 8

Some of our rookies continued to tear it up this week in a tough week where some of our rookies were hit by injury. Christian Salem and Jack Lonie were both unfortunately injured and hopefully they have speedy recoveries. Along with that we had Patrick Cripps pull out late which may have hurt some people.

Now onto the rookies who deserve praise for some great performances. Touk Miller continued his great run of form and is making his owners tons of cash, Jake Kelly kept his newly found high scoring going,  Nathan Krakouer scored an outstanding 104 along with Billy Hartung‘s 121! Others who performed well were Tory DicksonDom Sheed and Fraser McInnes to name a few!

Also a quick note it might be time to start looking at upgrading some of our rookies to under priced premiums such as Tom Rockliff as some of our rookies break evens are getting dangerously high such as Aaron VandenbergJesse Hogan and Jack Lonie. Also others who are injured for a while like Christian Salem you have to look to offload.

Jordan de Goey: The #5 pick in the 2014 draft got his first full game on the weekend and didn’t fail to disappoint this week scoring 88. He scored a vest affected 11 in his first game but he could be in for a decent price rise this week. His job security isn’t very stable though and he is still a big vest candidate. Another downside to de Goey has to be his expensive starting price tag of $202,300 which you don’t want to be spending on a rookie unless there a gun who’s scoring hundreds week in week out. I would be looking at other options but if your desperate give him consideration.

Jack Leslie: The young Gold Coast defender didn’t do to well in his first game of the year only scoring 54 but it was in a big loss which wouldn’t have helped him. Even though he didn’t do too well it was only his first game so don’t lose hope on him yet. Give him another game to see how he goes and then from there see if you want to bring him in or not.

Karl Amon: In his debut Amon was handed the green vest but when he came on he made an impact. He scored 29 in just over a quarter of game time and didn’t do his chances any harm. As with Leslie you would probably want to wait another week to see how he scores and if he gets the vest again. But Amon was a standout pre season and don’t be surprised if he gets a game without the vest. He could be the man we’re looking for to downgrade Heeney to. Beware though Ollie Wines might be returning this week which may force him out of the squad.

Bailey Dale: The Bulldogs debutant scored a solid 50 on the weekend. He’s a very cheap forward rookie and is only priced at $117,300. He could be an option to replace Salem and/or Lonie with so keep an eye on him but keep an eye on the teams to be sure he’s still in the team. I would usually say give him another week but we need to get Salem out and Lonie has a high break even so our hand may be forced here.

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