Trade Winds for Round 7


Welcome to the Round 7 edition of Trade Winds and while there are not a heap of players who are set to cause us grief from last weekend in particular, there are a rising number who remain out from previous weeks – and therein lies the real issue. Injured players not returning are starting to mount, and when you add in a couple of very popular midfielders and a super rookie defender this week, it could become a recipe for disaster real quick. Trades are important, but so is winning.

Rory SLOANE – Adelaide – $513,300 Av 104 Cheekbone injury, out for 6 weeks
One of the absolute contested-ball stars of the Adelaide midfield, SLOANE has had a bit of a nightmare 2015 so far, with some ordinary scores now coupled with a significant injury. The 17% of SC teams that have him as a vital cog in their midfield need to make the decision to move him on or put him on the pine – but that’s a risky move in my book. Its time to get him out of there, and the replacements look pretty impressive.
Patrick DANGERFIELD (Adel) – $521,500 Av 103
Mitch DUNCAN (Geel) – $516,500 Av 96
Sam MITCHELL (Haw) – $512,300 Av 105
Tom ROCKLIFF (Bris) – $494,200 Av 56
Adam TRELOAR (GWS) – $493,100 Av 100

Verdict : Its hard to go past ROCKLIFF, but he will only drop further so if you can afford to wait a week or two, it will be worth your while. Given that, I think TRELOAR is a great POD who just might benefit from the focus being on WARD, GRIFFEN and now SHIEL.

Adam SAAD – Gold Coast – $312,400 Av 85 Hamstring injury, out for 1-2 weeks
Easily the defensive rookie of the year so far, SAAD is in a whopping 70% of SC teams, and no wonder. With a ripping average of 85 pts per game in a GC Suns teams that barely even has enough players to take the field, SAAD has been gold – and should remain that way in your team for weeks to come if you can keep him. If not, and you are looking to cash him in, the obvious choice is Saint DPP Daniel McKENZIE, who is just $117,300 with a tidy average of 72 pts per game. As both a midfield and defensive option, the SAAD to McKENZIE trade will be a very popular one for those who really need a win – the cash gained can really bolster your team elsewhere.

Isaac HEENEY – Sydney – $234,600 Knee Injury, out for 6 weeks
Another hugely popular rookie selection in the 2015 SC season, HEENEY had been travelling pretty well but has now been sidelined for up to 6 weeks with a knee injury. That being the case for the 48% of SC teams who currently have him in their lineup, it is definitely time to move him on – either use cash from elsewhere to get him up to a fallen midfield premium, or trade HEENEY himself down to Saint Daniel McKENZIE again, plumping up your war chest with some nice cash for future upgrades.

That’s it for this week – short and sweet. Hopefully over the next few weeks players of the likes of ELLIS-YOLMEN, SIMPSON, and of course HODGE and LEWIS will start making their way back into SC teams, making us feel a little better about how things are going. Until then we just have to hang tough – or trade, trade, trade. The choice is yours.

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