New Kids On The Block – Round 6

It was another good week for some of our Fantasy rookies with Adam Saad, Patrick Cripps, Christian Salem, Daniel McStay and Dom Sheed all racking up 100s. Others who did well were Ayce Cordy, Cory Gregson, Alex Sexton, Jake Kelly, Mitch Clark, Touk Miller and Adam Oxley to name a few.

Jake Lever: What an outstanding start to Lever’s career on the weekend with an awesome 95! He didn’t have trouble getting the ball amassing 17 disposals along with 10 marks. He looks like he was a really good pick for the Crows and hopefully this is signs of a promising Fantasy career as well. I would definitely look at him as a downgrade option in the back line but maybe give him one more game if you can afford to.

Henry Schade: The young defender hasn’t set the world on fire Fantasy wise but he’s been holding his spot in the Gold Coast team. If your looking for someone who was good job security on the bench in the back line consider him. Personally I don’t need him because I have Kelly and Saad on my bench but if you really need him look at him, McKenzie or Lever.

Alex Pearce: The big 200cm key defender performed solidly for Freo on the weekend with a solid debut score of 74. His job security isn’t very high though which is why I’d be staying away. It seems as though he may only come in when a defender is rested or injured for the Dockers and with defenders to come back he may slide down the pecking order. Keep your eye on him but don’t trade him in yet.

Billy Stretch: The son of the quick winger Steven Stretch had a great first half to his debut but went quite in the second half. Stretch plays off the wing just like his father and joined the prestigious club of kicking a goal with his first kick. He only scored 51 but I see plenty of potential in him. If he can keep it up for four quarters he will definitely be one to look at.

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