Trade Winds for Round 6

Welcome back to Trade Winds after a week off due to unforeseen circumstances – and boy, what a weekend it was in SC terms in Round 5! From Hawks going the biff to Cats getting their nuts in a tangle to Suns having a few too many, its all led to a pretty packed issue for Round 6. Have a peruse of the info blow if you need some replacements, and see if you like our suggestions – but remember, as I always say, trades are like gold. Treat them with care.

Luke HODGE – Hawthorn – $549,400 Av 107 Suspended for 3 weeks
Talk about a brain fade. Yeah, its fine to act tough and intimidate but HODGEY’s flailing forearm was just plain stupid, and he got what he deserved. That’s no consolation to the 28% of SC teams who have him selected as either a defender or a midfielder – in my book three weeks is too long to hold, especially early on in the season when you need to cement your place on the ladder. HODGE is a legend, but you have to move him on.
As a Defender
Bachar HOULI (Rich) – $540,800 Av 118
Alex RANCE (Rich) – $509,500 Av 109
Harry TAYLOR (Geel) – $486,000 Av 98
Tom McDONALD (Melb) – $475,000 Av 112

As a Midfielder
Scott THOMPSON (Adel) – $551,700 Av 133
Josh KENNEDY (Syd) – $547,100 Av 108
Dylan SHIEL (GWS) – $537,400 Av 120
Sam MITCHELL (Haw) – $504,300 Av 103

Verdict : As a defender I think HOULI, in career best form, is hard to pass up on. In the midfield THOMPSON is on fire and in only 1.6% of teams, but I’d be taking the punt on SHIEL, who is benefitting from other GWS mids getting tagged and should continue to do so.

Jordan LEWIS – Hawthorn – $552,100 Av 110 Suspended for 2 weeks
Another respected Hawk to lose the plot last weekend, LEWIS’s swinging roundarm to Todd GOLDSTEIN’s face was another stupid act by a leader, and one that also deserved scrutiny and suspension. The dilemma for the 16.5% of SC teams that have him is whether to trade him or not – personally I think two weeks in the limit to holding onto a player, particularly one of his scoring potential. Still, if you want/need to trade him, here are your options.
Robbie GRAY (Port) – $566,500 Av 111
Travis BOAK (Port) – $559,500 Av 105
Scott THOMPSON (Adel) – $551,700 Av 133
Dylan SHIEL (GWS) – $537,400 Av 120

Verdict : If you don’t have GRAY in your side, get him in – he’s an absolute star. If you do, then as above with HODGE, I think SHIEL is the guy to run with.

Jack MARTIN – Gold Coast – $386,900 Av 85 Ankle injury, out for 1-2 weeks
Having risen $83,000 so far this year, MARTIN has been an impressive performer in the 5% of SC teams in which he is currently selected. However, his team is having a nightmare run and he is now out for at least this week, possibly next week as well. Might his scores flatten out from here on? Is he worth moving on? The choice is yours, but some of the options are juicy.
Tom HAWKINS (Geel) – $396,500 Av 64
Taylor WALKER (Adel) – $385,400 Av 85
Kane MITCHELL (Port) – $382,000 Av 83
Charlie DIXON (GC) – $363,600 Av 92

Verdict : WALKER would be the obvious choice out of this quartet and is a pretty good one, but I really like DIXON as a player and – in only 2% of teams – he could be just the POD your team needs going forward.

Lin JONG – Bulldogs – $358,600 Av 81 Hand injury, out for 1-2 weeks
Who’d have thought at the start of the year JONG would be worthy of inclusion in a Trade Winds article? He is one part of the reason the Doggies have improved this year, and his selection in 3% of SC midfields reflects that. However he is out this weekend and possibly next weekend, which is a worry. Keep him if you can, but if circumstances deem otherwise and you need some wins, move him on.
Elliot YEO (WCE) – $348,500 Av 74
Aaron VANDENBERG (Melb) – $301,300 Av 85
Nathan KRAKOUER (Port) – $173,800 Av 72
Joshua GLEN (GC) – $120,400 Av 103

Verdict : JONG has been solid with an 80 average, and YEO looks to be a nice POD in the midfield who could keep that ticking along. However consider the trade down to GLEN – with some stars in ROCKLIFF and ABLETT due back soon at reduced prices, that cash may just come in very handy.

James KELLY – Geelong – $422,100 Av 78 testicle injury – out for 4 to 6 weeks
Was there any male in Australia who didn’t wince when they heard the news about KELLY’s injury? A ruptured testicle from slamming into the turf, he now faces at least a month on the sidelines – and I can’t say I blame him, he deserves a rest after that one. Still that doesn’t help the 2.5% of SC teams in their lineup – he simply has to go, balls and all.
Andrejs EVERITT (Carl) – $418,500 Av 80
Sam DOCHERTY (Carl) – $414,200 Av 94
Easton WOOD (Bull) – $406,200 Av 86
Sam BUTLER (WCE) – $402,100 Av 92

Verdict : As a defender only, KELLY presents us with some interesting replacement choices. BUTLER is putting up some nice numbers and is unique, but I like the look of DOCHERTY – he’s all class.

Jared POLEC – Port – $379,200 Av 70 Foot injury, out for 6 weeks
What a disappointing year its been for POLEC, one of the shining lights for Port last season. Having already dropped $58,000 POLEC is now out for a month and a half with a hand injury, joining Ollie WINES on the sidelines. The 1.5% of SC teams who have him as a unique will be ruing that choice – still, there are some quality replacements that might actually make your overall team better.
Daniel RICH (Bris) – $415,500 Av 96 (Need $36,000)
Tom MITCHELL (Syd) – $405,600 Av 114 (1 game – need $26,000)
Patrick CRIPPS (Carl) – $369,500 Av 100
Cameron ELLIS-YOLMEN (Adel) – $332,100 Av 91

Verdict : ELLIS-YOLMEN is out this week, so cross him off your list. If you can reach RICH he is definitely the one to get – who could trust Tom MITCHELL? Not this little black duck.

That’s it for this week, although the list could’ve been longer with the Gold Coast one week suspensions and the Steven MAY match review suspension, along with guys like the popular ELLIS-YOLMEN missing out this weekend. Still, they should all – other than MAY, who is not really fantasy relevant anyway – only be missing for the one week, so trading them out is not on the cards. Let’s hope this weekend gives us a little respite, allowing us to cash in on some big names dropping in value.

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