Round 6 POD Report


Scott Thompson (midfielder – selected in 1.6% of sides – averaging 133.67)
It’s official – Thompson is on fire. Last week I said to keep an eye on him after back to back 130s. In Round 5 he pulled out 131 in the Showdown. He’s risen from 509k  to 551k but that is still a bargain for someone who’s averaging what he is.

Luke Dahlhaus (forward – selected in 3.5% of sides – averaging 108)
The small man can not be ignored any longer. He’s never been hugely popular in SuperCoach circles, but there’s no reason why he shouldn’t be in 2015. Ultra-consistent is the best way to describe Dahlhaus; scores of 109, 112, 86, 136 & 97 would be welcome in my forward line any day. At 520k he is only the 8th dearest forward, but his average has him as 4th best forward in the comp (barring Tom Mitchell).

Bachar Houli (defender – selected in 2.4% of sides – averaging 117.8)
He’s been inconsistent this year – but probably the best kind of inconsistent you could want. His two lowest scores have been 89 & 83 (not too bad for the backline) in amongst scores of 102, 150 & 165!! You will pay a premium as he has risen 93k this year, but without trying to mozz him, he seems to have shaken off his old form of a 50-70 every handful of weeks.



Mark LeCras (forward – selected in 1.5% of sides – averaging 83.2)
Frenchy was spoken about as a sneaky POD during the preseason, but just hasn’t got the job done so far. He has scored a 90 and a 100 but these came amongst scores of 76, 79 & 71. Not exactly ideal when coaches invest 480k on him. The most difficult part is that his two highest scores have come in games when he’s kicked 4-5 goals – he simply isn’t getting enough of the pill to score well enough. I do wonder if Kennedy’s injury will increase his goal scoring though.



Stefan Martin (ruckman – selected in 2.7% of sides – 3 round average of 120)
Last years ruck revelation has edged popular preseason pick, Matthew Leuenberger, out of the Brisbane side. Rucks have dropped a bit of value this and Martin was no exception, costing over 600k at the start of the year and beginning with scores of 67, 98 & 95. Three scores below 100 reduced his price but since Leuenberger was omitted, Martin has increased his disposal and hit-out count. He scored 140 & 125 in the last two games and now seems really good value at $569,800 with a breakeven of 76.

Liam Picken (defender – selected in 0.9% of sides – 2 round average of 141.5)
An incredibly interesting prospect, but not someone we can pick up just yet, despite a breakeven of -26. He started the year with 56, 51 & 54 and did not pick up more than 15 disposals in those games. His previous two games have netted 29 & 33 disposals (12 tackles in the latter game) and he has produced two 140+ scores. I haven’t watched the Doggies games but I can only imagine someone who has played a range of positions was unleashed (pardon the pun) into the midfield to great affect. He is only 428k, and will rise this week, but can he keep it up?


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