New Kids On The Block – Round 4

I don’t know about you, but Round 4 wasn’t a good round for me. I scraped my way somehow to 1900 thanks to Vandenberg, Cripps and Hogan but I was hurt by Sloane (C), Neale, Roughead, T.Hunt and Lumumba. As you can see owners who owned this players including me had a very annoying weekend. But enough about me lets talk about the rookies.

First of all take a bow Aaron VandenbergJesse Hogan and Patrick Cripps; they were incredible! After saying I was a bit unsure of how Cripps will score he changed my mind for sure and thankfully I had him as an emergency to get him on the field. As for Hogan and Vandenberg they both gave coaches who owned them a great start to the weekend. Vanderberg’s 10 tackles definitely helped his score along with 20 possessions. Hogan touched up Rance as well and he looks like he will be a star of the future.

Guys who I highlighted last week also did well in Nathan Krakouer and Robbie Tarrant. Both are going to have significant price rises and if you need a replacement for a rookie in the forward line or midfield look at these two.

Jake Kelly: The young Crows defender may not be the biggest scorer with scores of 60 and 53 but he’s going to make money which is what we want out of our rookies. Any people looking for a replacement for someone in defence especially Brett Goodes I would look at Kelly or Blues defender Ciaran Byrne. Note that I’m not sure how serious Byrne’s hamstring injury is though I would keep an eye on him but if you want immediate cash then grab Kelly.

Touk Miller: The number 29 pick in the 2014 Draft has been great for owners the last few weeks. As an owner of Touk I was contemplating trading him to Van Berlo before prices rose but I am so happy I kept him. He’s had scores of 83 and 86 the last two weeks and he’s made a ton of cash. If you have him definitely keep him and ride this wave as long as it lasts. I am still a bit wary of starting him but if he keeps this up we’ll have no choice but to start him.

Billy Hartung: Hartung was quite popular in the back end of 2014 especially of some of his scores when he came onto the scene. He’s started off with scores of 75 and 76 which are both very consistent. He is on the bubble but he does have quite a steep starting price for a rookie and he’s priced at $195,800. But if you need someone in your midfield I would give him consideration. Beware though as he’s a HUGE vest candidate!

Tom Cutler: Cutler started off his season very well with a score of 85. He’s expensive at $249,600 but don’t completely put him out of your options because if he keeps this up he could be a good replacement for owners of Brett Goodes. But I would wait another week to see if he actually can keep it up.

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