New Kids On The Block – Round 3

Round 3 was the first round where our rookies who had 3 games went up in price, and didn’t we see some huge price jumps?

Some of the big price risers were Cam Ellis-YolmenAdam SaadIsaac HeeneyAdam OxleyKamdyn McIntoshAaron Vandenberg and Jesse Hogan just to name a few. This week I’m going to focus on a some rookies who have had some big price rises and some players who will be on the bubble soon.

Patrick Cripps: The Carlton youngster didn’t meet expectations in Round 1 only scoring 53 against Richmond after a very good pre-season. He made up for it though against Essendon with a nice 89. I think Cripps will be one of the best cash cows this year if he continue to keep that scoring up! That being said I’m keeping on my bench just to gauge where he’s scoring and I already have Vandenberg, Heeney and Ellis-Yolmen who are all scoring well but I believe he’ll perform again this weekend and have a big price rise.

Robbie Tarrant: Tarrant really surprised me on the weekend when I saw he scored 107! I knew he was cheap and could be a handy cash cow but I never saw a score of 107 coming! I would keep a close eye on Tarrant to see whether he will keep this scoring output up but he’s never really shown himself to be an amazing SuperCoach player so don’t set your expectations to high.

Nathan Krakouer: One of the popular early pre-season selections was elevated off the rookie list and got his chance to show what he can do in his new role. Now with Krakouer I didn’t see much of the Port vs North game though from what I saw he did get quite a bit of ball and if he’s playing off a SuperCoach friendly role of half-back, keep your eye on him. If you need someone to replace Tom Lamb I would be looking at Krakouer as the one because he’s cheap and will make you some cash as well.

Jack Sinclair: The young Saints midfielder had a very good game against the Pies on Friday night. I watched the whole game and Sinclair looked quite impressive from what I saw and was another who surprised me as he got 78 after not having the amazing scores the previous two weeks. I’m not sure whether he’ll be able to keep this up but for those who have him I believe you have yourselves a very nice cash cow.

Cory Gregson: This young man had an outstanding game on the weekend and was one of the key players in getting the Cats over the line. As a midfielder he is another who is hard to fit in your side like Sinclair but he scored a great 87 and I think that could continue. With Bartel out with injury I think Gregson will continue to get good playing time and possibly keep that scoring output up.

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