Trade Winds for Round 3

Welcome to this weeks version of Trade Winds, and who would’ve thought that after just two rounds the two most productive players of 2014 – Gary ABLETT and Tom ROCKLIFF – would both be out injured to the point where they need to be traded. Its a travesty, and a sad day for footy when these great players are not out on the paddock – not to mention the carnage it does to our SC teams! Of course, some didn’t take the punt on Gazza after the lingering question mark over his shoulder – and more credit to them. He’s out for an unspecified time (most seem to think at least a month) and the question now arises – just who do you replace the greatest SC player ever with?

Gary ABLETT – Gold Coast – $724,000 Av 103 Shoulder injury, out indefinitely.
So, the gamble didn’t pay off. For the 44% of SC players who took the punt on the Little Master it has failed, and now we all have to burn a trade to move him on. The bonus of course is that you have the full list of players to choose from – money is no object when trading the most expensive player in the competition. Do you go for an obvious superstar, or take a chance and make some much needed cash? The choice is yours.
Scott PENDLEBURY (Coll) – Av 120, will make you $66,000
Nat FYFE (Freo) – Av 139, will make you $77,000
Rory SLOANE (Adel) – Av 139, will make you $118,000
Josh KENNEDY (Syd) – Av 128, will make you $122,000
Jordan LEWIS (Haw) – Av 132, will make you $146,000
Adam TRELOAR (GWS) – Av 132, will make you $157,000

Verdict :How can you seriously pick one out of that bunch? If you don’t have FYFE he’s the obvious choice, clearly the best player going around at the moment. However, if you are looking for some value, LEWIS and TRELOAR certainly tick that box. In only 11% and 4% of teams respectively, they are great PODs.

Nick DAL SANTO – North Melbourne – $553,100 Av 75 Hamstring, out for 8 – 12 weeks
Hasn’t been a great start for DAL, who was lambasted after a fairly insipid performance in round one, before tearing a hamstring in round two that will see him miss at least 8 weeks, maybe closer to 12. That is a huge blow for the Kangas midfield, and another body blow for the 1% of SC teams who had him in the guts as a nice POD. With a disappointing average of just 75, at least you know the guy you bring in will bump that figure up.
Keiran JACK (Syd) – $552,100 Av 124
David MUNDY (Freo) – $549,200 Av 134
Dylan SHIEL (GWS) – $509,400 Av 142
Marcus BONTEMPELLI (Bull) – $442,300 Av 134

Verdict : Incredibly JACK and MUNDY are only in under 1% of SC teams currently, meaning they are fantastic unique options for your team. Whilst SHIEL and the BONT are the obvious choice in terms of form, I’d be leaning toward JACK – he’s a hard nut and won’t let you down.

Kane LAMBERT – Richmond – $102,400 Av 36 Shoulder injury, out for 8 weeks
A popular rookie selection after the NAB Cup, LAMBERT didn’t make the cut in round one, then injured his shoulder after limited game time in round two. Selected in an impressive 33% of SC teams, he unfortunately now has to be sent packing – perhaps he’s one to keep an eye on for later in the season?
As A Midfielder
Adam SAAD (GC) – $102,400 Av 90 (Also a defender)
Cameron ELLIS-YOLMEN (Adel) – $123,900 Av 88
Aaron VANDENBERG (Melb) – $127,900 Av 87
Isaac HEENEY (Syd) – $137,300 Av 81

As a Forward
Jesse HOGAN (Melb) – $130,400 Av 83
Jack LONIE (St.K) – $117,300 Av 55
Nathan KRAKOUER (Port) – $106,900 yet to play, named in squad

Verdict : If you have Lambert as a midfielder chances are you have Saad already in defence – if not, snatch him up now, otherwise go for Vandenberg. In the forwardline, if you can reach Hogan then do so – if not, Lonie is a tidy player who has been impressive so far for the Saints.

That’s its for this week. The positive so far is that there aren’t huge numbers of players being injured – the down side is, it seems to be the important ones who are falling. Lets hope that trend stops soon.

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