New Kids On The Block – Round 2

Round 2 proved to be much better for coaches after a shocking opening round. Many of our rookies continued on with their good opening round performances and some made up to coaches and proving why they should stay in your teams.

Jesse Hogan: After many left the young key forward out of fears he wouldn’t score well compared to other rookies weren’t they proved wrong including me. He’s expected to go up a whopping $76,000 and if you don’t have him you may want to look at getting him in if you can because he’s going to be a great cash cow this year.

Nathan Van Berlo: The Crows veteran has started off the year with excellent scores of 82 and 103 and is rewarding owners who made space to fit him in there midfielders. For the 27% who have him kudos to you as he is expected to go up a cool $71,000! To those who don’t have him don’t stress to much but if you want to bring him in that wouldn’t be to bad a move especially with doubts over Patrick Cripps who only costs $4,000 less.

Adam Oxley: After a very poor first week scoring 31 many coaches had doubts over the Pies half-back but he hit many coaches with the same dilemma they had last week with a huge 116 sitting on many benches. As with Kamdyn McIntosh don’t expect him to do this every week same with every rookie but if you have Brett Goodes definitely field him or Adam Saad over Goodes after he got the vest.

Christian Salem: After a stellar pre-season the young Dee left many coaches shaking their heads after a poor 55 in the opening round. But this round he showed us what he can do off half-back scoring a solid 88 and justifying an elevated price tag. He is only projected to go up $35,000 but that 55 is weighing that down so expect him to go up more if he can play at his best.

Others who performed again were: Isaac Heeney, Aaron VandenBerg, Adam Saad, Kamdyn McIntosh, Cam Ellis-Yolmen, Mitch Honeychurch and Cam McCarthy.

Keep Your Eye On: Darcy Moore, Will Hams, Jayden Laverde, Elliot Kavanagh, Max Duffy, Connor Blakely, Jake Kolodjashnij, Alex Woodward, Trent Dumont, Sam Colquhoun, Brendon Ah Chee, Nathan Krakouer, Hugh Goddard and Brant Colledge. All performed well for their respective reserve clubs and could be in line for a call up.

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