Trade Winds for Round 2

Welcome back to Trade Winds for 2015, and already there has been some carnage after round one, with a couple of big time players going down in Round 1 for what appears to be extended periods. In what was a very topsy-turvy weekend of footy in SC terms, if you were unfortunate enough to have two or three of the following names, then you’re already in a lot of strife. Still, its early days – plenty of time to make the adjustments needed to give your side the best chance going forward.

Tom ROCKLIFF – Brisbane – $709,500 Broken Ribs, out 4 – 6 weeks
We all know, Tommy is as tough as ten men – but the talk he’ll be back in a fortnight has to be a joke right? Did you see that hit? Wow, that’s gotta hurt. The Brisbane ball magnet is looking at a month on the sidelines at least, and with a plethora of midfield options at your fingertips, holding onto him is just not an option in my opinion. Scoring a pretty dismal 71 pts prior to being hurt, Rocky needs to make way for another midfield champ – any of these take your fancy?
Scott PENDLEBURY (Coll) – $608,000 Av 113
Nat FYFE (Freo) – $657,600 Av 115
Jordan LEWIS (Haw) – $588,200 Av 154
Adam TRELOAR (GWS) – $577,800 Av 157

Verdict : PENDLES is your man for consistency, but FYFE is the standout here. Get him on board and watch him go.

Steele SIDEBOTTOM – Collingwood – $608,200 Broken Thumb, out 6-8 weeks
Just when it looked like SIDEBOTTOM (136pts) was a ripping POD in the 2.6% of teams that had him, he went and got a kick to the hand in the dying moments of the match that will see him sidelined for almost the next two months. A huge blow to the Magpies and to your SC team if he was selected in your opening lineup, as with ROCKLIFF its simply to much time to even consider holding onto him. Take your medicine, curse the football God’s and then move on – there’s plenty of juicy options to be snared in his place.
Robbie GRAY (Port) – $596,900 Av 122
Jordan LEWIS (Haw) – $588,200 Av 154
Adam TRELOAR (GWS) – $577,800 Av 157
Patrick DANGERFIELD (Adel) – $567,600 Av 123

Verdict : Tough one this, and hard to go past GRAY and LEWIS, but I like the look of TRELOAR. This kid is a star, and will be a very nice POD if you grab him now.

Dale THOMAS – Carlton – $406,600 Shoulder injury, out 6 weeks
I pity the poor fools who took the punt on Daisy – and there are still 4% of SC teams who have him, meaning there were much more than that last weekend! Injured in the opening minutes, THOMAS compounded the hurt by scoring 4 pts, and there’s no coming back from that. Count yourself lucky he is out of your team and rejoice in the fact you can now replace him with someone decent. Enjoy.
Marcus BONTEMPELLI (Bull) – $422,300 Av 126
Taylor ADAMS (Coll) – $378,500 Av 98
Jesse STRINGER (Bull) – $372,400 Av 95
Jeremy CAMERON (GWS) – $303,700 Av 68

Verdict : This is a no brainer. Come hell or high water, get the extra cash to trade THOMAS up to BONTEMPELLI – the future Nat FYFE. What a star.

There are a few other question marks over quality players – namely ABLETT, BARTEL, RIEWOLDT and PARKER – after some heavy hits last weekend, however even if they are out for this week you need to hold tight and resist the urge to move them on. They are all stars and will be back the following week regardless, and if you take the bait you’ll rue the day you made the trade. Stand strong – this is a marathon, not a sprint. See ya next week.

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