Bite Back – Round 1

Welcome to Bite Back – where we give you the chance to vent your frustration or brag to your hearts content based on your weekly performance.

Given we’ve got a Monday game, post your current score, best & worst players and who you’ve got left.

2000 is going to be a really competitive score this round, so let us know below! I’ll kick it off.

Current Score:
Who’s left:
Best performers:

(feel free to copy & paste into the comments)

15 thoughts on “Bite Back – Round 1

  1. Current Score: 1740 (19)
    Who’s left: Bartel, Selwood, Clark – 260 points please boys!
    Best performers: Swanny, Heeney, Kade Simpson
    Drag-worthy: Boak, Dusty, Newnes!


  2. Current Score: 1905 21 played
    Who’s left: Clark
    Best performers: Winesy!
    Drag-worthy: too many to name
    Just hope clark can get 100 tomorrow


  3. Current Score: 1953 (21/22)
    Who’s Left: Mitch Clark
    Best Performers: Marcus Bontempelli(126), Brodie Smith(144), Nat Fyfe(115), Dane Swan(111), Robbie Gray(122), Gary Ablett(119)
    Drag-Worthy: Dustin Martin (51) Michael Hibberd (59) Brandon Goddard (66) Gary Ablett (119)


  4. Current Score: 1979
    Who’s left: Gibson, Clark
    Best performers: Sloaney, McIntosh
    Drag-worthy: Goddard, Dusty


  5. Current Score: 1759 (19)
    Who’s left: Bartel, Kelly, Clark
    Best performers: Swan, Danger, Gaz, Goldy, Fyfe, Gray, Vandenberg
    Drag-worthy: Dusty, Newnes


  6. Current Score: 1970 (20)
    Who’s left: Selwood, Clark
    Best performers: Bontempelli, Gray, McIntosh, Fyfe, Swanny, Gaz
    Drag-worthy: Martin
    2150 hopefully


  7. Current SCore: 1780
    Who’s left: J.Lewis, J.Bartel, B.Hill, M.Clark
    Best performers: B.Smith, D.Hannebery, K.McIntosh
    Drag-worthy: Dusty, Newnes


  8. Current Score: 1784 (19)
    Who’s left: Bartel, Hodge, Clark – Get me past the 2000 barrier please!
    Best performers: Swanny, Fyfe, Bontempelli, Heeney, Gaz, Goldstein, D.Beams, Vandenberg, Parker
    Drag-worthy: K.Kolodjashnij, Dusty, Newnes
    Also had Kamdyn McIntosh sitting on the bench with the emergency on him


  9. Current Score 1937 (20)
    Who’s left: Joely S and Burgoyne
    Best Performed: Swan, Tex, Gray, Beams,
    Drag-worthy: Dusty, Newnes, Griffen, Salem and many more.
    Bench Players: Heeney, Vanderberg,McIntosh


  10. Thanks Joshy, thought Tex was a chance to tear north to shreds but didn’t expect that. Lachie Neale looked okay yesterday I thought did enough.


  11. whos left. Lewis and Clark
    Best- juddy. Sloan. Wines. Simpson. Gray. Goldy.
    Rooks on ground. Vberg. Mcintosh. McGrath.
    Drag. Walters and Deledio.
    Current score 2001


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