Looking through the Transfer Window – Round 18

Welcome again. Another average week for a lot of us. My transfer of Djulbic to Elrich worked out nicely. Elrich owners would’ve been happy after an assist and 2 Tobin Award bonus points vs Perth. Quite simply he is worth every cent at the moment. If you have any questions you can contact me on Twitter.

Anyways, onto round 18!

Section 1The Sheep Pick – Who the majority of fantasy coaches will pick.

Section 2The POD Pick – Someone different with good fixtures and low ownership etc..

Section 3The Double Transfer – Whether you have 2 free transfers or have to take a ‘points hit’ to get the big hitter in and downgrade elsewhere.

Section 4Get Rid Of – He’s been struggling for a while… see you later!

Section 5My Transfer – Pretty simple really, what I’ll most likely be doing.



The Sheep pick

I have a feeling Marc Janko ($229k) will be the man everyone will want this round. With scores of 4, 16, 13 and 7, he will be making his way into most teams with an interesting fixture at home to the Mariners, most likely at the expense of Andy Keogh ($293k), who has not lost his way, but is just out of touch at that price.

POD pick

Ok last round’s POD pick, Awer Mabil ($171k) probably didn’t turn out too great after starting on the bench, although he almost snuck a goal past Vukovic. This time round, I’m looking at Fabio Ferriera ($311k). Looked Central Coast’s best player (even though he wasn’t fantastic) all night against the Roar and he was subbed off after 57 mins. Very creative and has pace, he caused Corey Brown a few headaches and even the young left back got a yellow card for holding him back. Mariners were looking to give him the ball at every opportunity so he won’t go missing too often. Only potential problem is there is not a lot of quality waiting to knock it into the net so a lot of Fabio’s quality work won’t be finished off.

Double Transfer time

Well if you went Thomas Broich ($344k) it paid off, only just, thanks to a bit of inexperienced defending from young Mariners midfielder Anthony Kalik, who fouled Broich in the penalty box and got him the assist on otherwise a pretty quiet night for the German. This time around there really isn’t anyone who stands out. Broich has a very tough fixture against the Victory at Suncorp on Friday night. Keep in mind Victory does have a very leaky defence so it could pay off. Other option is perhaps if you don’t have Nathan Burns ($323k), he does play Newcastle at home. Burns has been out of form a touch since the Asian Cup but should’ve had an assist or two, but no thanks to Roy Krishna, who fluffed a shot and fell over. Although Newcastle have slightly tightened their defence, I really do fancy Wellington and Burns in this one. If you’re looking for a couple of cheapies for the cash injection, look at Hamill ($108k) who seems to have survived the rotation at WSW or Brandon Borrello ($125k) at Brisbane who has looked pretty good after taking over from Dimitri Petratos, who is still injured. I probably wouldn’t start either of those 2 though.

Get Rid Of Him!

I know he’s class but it’s time to go Robbie Koren ($263k). Since that Newcastle Jets destruction (3 goals, 23 points) he has returned scores of 3, 6, 3 and 3 with his most recent performance against the Phoenix being nothing short of poor. With Josh Kennedy ($250k) coming in, Koren has dropped back into midfield and hasn’t looked like doing much, in fact I was half considering leaving him on the bench, but gave him that extra match.

What I’m Considering?

I’m a Koren owner, and have been bitterly disappointed with his output after jumping on the train (or being sucked in!) after the Jets game. I don’t have enough for Broich with 1 transfer so I’m considering the evil double transfer (-3 point deduction). Otherwise I’m preparing for Broich next round by just downgrading Matt Simon (yes I know.. terrible POD pick but solid 2 pointer bench warmer) to Borrello, who I think maintains his spot a bit longer. However I’m certainly considering the big Austrian Marc Janko and offloading Andy ‘Drunk’ Keogh, and cashing in Koren for Broich that way. It’s a tough call.

Happy transferring and may your transfer be a positive one!

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