Picking Your Mid-Price Midfielders

The midfield. Keep it simple right?

Many SuperCoaches subscribe to the theory of pure guns and rookies in the highest scoring section of our team, and for good reason.

The expectation is far higher on our midfielders, to be a keeper we really need to see an average pushing or beyond the 110 mark. It is rare a mid-price option can make that jump.

However, the value in them can be present in the midfield if the price is right and the scoring return is three figures.

So in 2015 are there any names worthy of this risk? A few names jump out, but whether or not the risk versus reward stacks up … is up to you.

Seemingly the most popular choice in the mid-range midfielders this year is Daniel Rich. At $348,300 the value is there but equally is the risk.

He is coming off a serious knee injury and with the Lions bringing in some big name recruits to their engine room, there is a train of thought Rich may roll off the half-back flank.

He is a damaging user of the ball but has also struggled with the tag. Having burst onto the scene in his first year, his best SC yearly average has been 90.8 – he has never truly excelled in SC land as of yet.

Another name to consider, and perhaps my favourite of the lot, Scott Selwood ($433,100). The hard-nosed midfielder also had his 2014 interrupted by injury but prior to that had averaged 104 in 2012 and 2013 respectively.

If Selwood is allowed to play slightly more offensive through the middle which you expect him to do. He could return quite a handy average, he tackles hard and wins his own ball, the main question mark is on his disposal. If that is tightened up, you never know, there could be another Selwood posting regular tons.

Daniel Wells ($361,400) is another option to ponder if you’re after a mid-pricer. But again, Wells is 30 years-old and has never set the world on fire in the SC arena, only breaking a three-figure average once in 2011. He wouldn’t be someone I would be considering at this point.

Lastly, it’s not often we find a 25 year-old that has averaged 110 just two seasons ago at $455,900 and he is far from a “lock”. Simply because of the uncertainty of extra attention and playing in a side that will play in minimal wins.

Unlike the first three options, Jack Steven has proven he can score at a super-premium level but he will receive huge amounts of attention from opposition sides and have little help through the Saints young and developing midfield. You could do far worse than Steven but as the continuing trend is, plenty of risk comes with this selection.

Personally, I won’t be starting any mid-priced players in my midfield. Mainly for the reasons mentioned and the fact, at this early stage, there looks to be a plethora of great rookie-priced options at our disposal.

But it is all about what fits a certain SuperCoaches structure and the old “gut feel”. Pick one of these four and they could produce premium scores for 7-9 weeks then be easily upgraded to a Rockliff or Fyfe, saving heaps of dollars. They could even churn out a career best season and warrant keeping for the whole year.

But the flipside is, they could just as easily struggle to find their best form, stink it up with 70’s and 80’s and burn you quicker than a day at Torquay beach.

The value is obvious! But be warned, the risk is ever-present with these mid-price players.

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