Picking your Premium Ruckmen

When it comes to picking our starting rucks, a lot of us are happy to spend maximum on both as it’s only two of them; even though they make up a small percentage of our points.

This year will probably see some different strategies used, as there is only one bench ruckman. From what I’ve gathered so far, if no rookies are stand outs in the ruck section then MPP with the forward line will be crucial, unless you’re happy to fork out 250-300k+ for a playing R3. There is still plenty of warrant for spending maximum, or close to, on your starting rucks.

The first five ruckman that really catch my attention all averaged over 105, while the next bunch averaged either 101 or below.

At $620,100 Sam Jacobs is the most expensive ruckman, but he is also hitting his peak age this year and topped the averages for ruckmen in 2014, with 115.
Shane Mumford was a revelation in 2014 until injury hit, and even though he is more expensive than the start of last year, his talent warrants a $613,700 price tag and it is still affordable.
Todd Goldstein has become a favourite of mine over the last few years. He started off 2014 slowly, scoring no tons in the first 6 rounds. However, his form lifted and 10 tons in his last 11 games, including seven 120+ scores, showed why he is one of the competitions premiere ruckmen. The other two ruckmen that stand out with their average and price tag are two I would be wary off.
One is Aaron Sandilands. He has served us so well over the years and I know we speculate each year, but has his 32 year old, 211cm body got the gas in it to allow you to pay $580,800 for him? His sub 400k price tag last year was acceptable but I will be steering away this year.
Stefan Martin averaged over 110 in 2014 and was incredibly consistent. But a $600,200 price tag and the start of a new year, with a fit Matthew Leuenberger would make me look elsewhere – at least until I see the preseason.

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The next two in the list of last year’s averages now play in the same team. I couldn’t be certain whether Patrick Ryder & Matthew Lobbe may keep up their 100-101 point averages or drop down based on their roles in the Port Adelaide side; much like Stefan Martin, I would be watching them carefully in the preseason. There are some quality options that could help you form a great ruck pairing to save money, or may be suited at your R2 to compliment one of the dearer players at R1. Guys like Ivan Maric (535k), Ben McEvoy (482k), Tom Hickey (427k), Nic Naitanui (488k) and Will Minson (501k) are all putting their hand up for SuperCoach selection.

Based on form, price, potential and possible change of roles, my top 5 premium rucks are:

  1. Todd Goldstein
  2. Sam Jacobs
  3. Will Minson
  4. Shane Mumford
  5. Ivan Maric

Who are you picking in the R1 & R2 roles? Leave a comment below.

2 thoughts on “Picking your Premium Ruckmen

  1. At this stage I’m looking at a Minson/NicNat combo. Probably a non playing rookie at R3 for loophole (unless a cheapie really stands out in NAB cup), then maybe a Bellchambers sitting down around F5 to swing around to Ruck if needed.


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