Picking Your Premium Forwards

Traditionally one of the trickier areas of Supercoach to navigate through, selecting players in your forwardline in fantasy footy usually means fitting in as many dual position forward/mids as you can. As you put your 2015 squad together, is there still a place in your lineup for the dedicated full-time forward?


As SC players we are all looking to score as well as possible and gain an edge over our opposition, and no better area indicates this than in the selection of our forward line players. In years gone by classic full-time forwards such as Pavlich, Riewoldt and even Cloke were popular selections, however as the fantasy footy player has become smarter the selections have skewed to the point where these days we all look to squeeze as many midfielders into our team as possible, and the forwardline is the place to do it.

A look at the stats from last year says it all.

The big winners in this category in 2014 were those coaches who had the foresight to select Robbie GRAY , Luke PARKER and Patrick DANGERFIELD from day one. All three of these selections were dual position mid/fwd, and all of them excelled, averaging 111, 108 and 106 pts per game respectively – and more importantly, they all played 22 games which is gold. PARKER and GRAY were the big selections, with both of them rising from an average score in mid-80s in 2013 to well over 100 in 2014.

Others in the top ten who had dual position benefits included the evergreen Brent HARVEY, Dustin MARTIN and Dayne ZORKO.

There you have 6 of the top 8 forward scores – by average score per game – for season 2014 and they are all predominantly midfield players. Ironically, one of the top scorers by average was ruck/fwd dual position player Stefan MARTIN, who averaged a whopping 111 pts per game.

Finally at #9 with a Bradman-like average of 99.9 pts per game we come across our first dedicated forwardline player in Buddy FRANKLIN – but as we all know, he plays the game like a midfielder a lot of the time anyway. The next dedicated forwards were Jarryd ROUGHEAD (av 96 ppg) and Saint Nick RIEWOLDT, who shone at the start and finish of the year to record a respectable average of 92 pts per game.

So – pardon the pun – but looking forward to 2015, what has changed?

For starters, DANGERFIELD and PARKER are now designated mids only, meaning they are out of the equation – Stefan MARTIN too has become a ruckman only. However there are some juicy replacements who I’m sure will be high on coaches agendas when it comes to forward line selection – the question will be how many can you fit in, and who will get the nod?

The most appealing for mine is Bomber Brendan GODDARD ($548,800). A natural ball magnet with some of the best disposal by foot in the game, GODDARD will be a lock in many teams – but will his team mates ongoing ASADA investigation (and possible suspension) make you steer clear of him? Having averaged over 100 for the last 7 years, he’ll be a popular choice.

Richmond speedster Brett DELEDIO is another to gain DPP status in 2015, and at $553,300 he is another who will be heavily considered. In a Richmond team that is facing a ‘now or never’ type season, DELEDIO could be one to step up, and is another who is very consistent in SC terms, also averaging over 100 for the past 7 years, with an 103 pts average last season.

Ageing Cat Jimmy BARTEL has been moved from defence to attack and is at a similar price to GODDARD of $549,000. Jimmy keeps racking up the stats, again averaging a touch over 100 in 2014, but many seem to be writing him off. Will 2015 be the year he starts to slip or is he rolled gold?

Ports boom recruit Paddy RYDER ($543,400) is another to tempt, especially as he provides extra ruck coverage – something that could be vital with only one ruck bench position this year. How will he work with Matthew LOBBE though, and will his scores suffer?

With the likes of FRANKLIN ($537,200) and GRAY ($596,600) sure to be on most people’s radars, the selection of our forwards suddenly becomes a difficult scenario – is it possible we are spoilt for choice in 2015? It’s a difficult prospect  to try and fit them all in.

How will you structure your forwardline this year?

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Two more teasers before we go – how about tossing a little bit of Dane SWAN into the mix? At $464,500 he could be a premium forward at a bargain price – or an overpriced flop. Is his career at the crossraods or will he bounce back like the champion he has been? Yes or No?  And will the likes of true forwards Nick RIEWOLDT, Jack RIEWOLDT, Tom HAWKINS, Jarryd ROUGHEAD,  Matt PAVLICH, Travis CLOKE and Tex WALKER even get a look in when it comes to forward selection or not?

Enjoy the quandary.

5 thoughts on “Picking Your Premium Forwards

  1. Thoughts on Dahlhaus? I feel he will be playing midfield more frequently this year due to the losses of griffen and cooney


    1. I like Dahlhaus Connor, and I think your thoughts about his increased scoring potential this year are valid. With Cooney and Griffen out of that midfield a lot will ride on the shoulders of Libba and Dahlhaus, so he could be a very nice POD. Definitely one to consider, although does it mean he might get tagged more?


      1. I think taggers will go with Libba more. Or even Macrae, as he got tagged every now and then last year. So I hope Dahlhaus avoids the tag.


    1. My thought on Zorko are probably pretty standard – I think he will average about the same as he has in other years, although there is a slight chance that with Christo and Beams now in that midfield rotation his points might suffer slightly – he may be used more as a forward than in the guts. As for the best premium forward to rack up big points – its all speculation obviously but I can’t see Robbie Gray dropping off too much in a team like Port. Goddard and Martin would be two others I’d expect to be up there by seasons end – and of course Buddy if he can put a full season together is capable of anything


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