BBL Captain’s Corner – R7

Hi guys and welcome to the Round 7 edition of The Captain’s Corner.

ODI Tri-Series players for Australia will not be available this round and likely for the rest of the tournament which rules out plenty of captaincy options but there are still many to choose from.

Round 7 marks the first round of two teams having the double with the Strikers and the Heat both having the double while Stars and Scorchers sit out.

  1. Tim Ludeman – Ludeman has been in great form in BBL 04 returning to his BBL 02 form back when he opened the batting just like this season. Ludeman has been performing consistently for the Strikers this season relishing in his opening role along with the added bonus of him taking the gloves and usually getting a couple of catches each game. Ludeman averages a superb 62 points and there’s no reason why he can’t perform this round.
  1. Chris Lynn – Lynn has had a few lean games for the Heat but Lynn will be hoping to finish of his BBL 04 campaign well in the Heat’s last 2 games of the year as they can’t make the finals. Lynn has been great for the most part in BBL 04 and looks like he will go big to cap off a great campaign for him and help to get the Heat a few wins to finish their season on a good note.
  1. Craig Simmons – Ludeman’s opening partner Craig Simmons is also a strong option for captaincy this round. Simmons hasn’t been averaging great with 37 but Simmons has been given a role with the ball by skipper Johan Botha in recent games bowling around 3-4 overs. This adds a much bigger scoring range for Simmons rather than only getting his points with the bat. Look for Simmons to score in the 50-60 range in both games and if you times that by two you get a round total of about 100-120 which is even more if you have him as captain going up to 200-240 which is a great score!
  1. Kane Richardson – Richardson has been stellar for the Strikers in BBL 04 bowling with great pace and accuracy troubling opposition batsmen. The best thing about it is it’s translating into great fantasy scoring with the young quick averaging 53 which is a great score especially for bowlers. I wouldn’t worry about him being an ODI Tri-Series reserve as I believe it would make sense for Cricket Australia to let him play until they need him in the ODI Tri-Series.
  1. Adam Zampa – Zampa has proven to be a great cash cow in BBL Fantasy this season scoring well and making those all-important dollars. He was unlucky to not be selected for the World Cup squad considering his BBL performances and how many people were asking for him or Boyce over Doherty. But that doesn’t worry us as it helps us in BBL Fantasy especially this round. Zampa averages a solid 45 and could prove to be a great captain this round.

 Honourable Mentions – Nathan Reardon, Dan Christian, Ben Laughlin, Jimmy Peirson, Peter Forrest, Dan Christian

Who are you setting as skipper in Round 5? Comment below! Also if you need help comment below!

5 thoughts on “BBL Captain’s Corner – R7

  1. Hey Declan, great article. I’m in a bit if strife in fox sports bbl fantasy, I have Finch, M Hussey, Bailey, Wright, Beer and Behrendorff. I could do 1 of these options:

    Option 1
    Trade Bailey to Lumb/Roy
    Trade Hussey to Simmons
    Trade Dunk to Ludeman

    My team would be
    Finch (not likely to play), Simmons, Lumb/Roy, Lynn, Reardon
    Kallis, Wright (bye)
    Pattinson, Zampa, Behrendorff (bye), Beer (bye)

    Option 2
    Trade Bailey to Lumb/Roy
    Trade Hussey to Simmons
    Trade Behrendorff/Beer to Richardson/Laughlin

    Finch, Simmons, Lumb/Roy, Lynn, Reardon
    Kallis, Wright
    Pattinson, Zampa, Richardson/Laughlin, Dorff/Beer

    Which do u think would score the most points and be the most beneficial? I’m thinking 1 because Ludeman could go bang bang this week in both games but I would have 1 less player. I just wanted someone else’s opinion. Thanks and keep up the good work Declan


    1. I have to agree with you about Ludeman being able to go huge this round but you do lose a player which you could have in Option 2. But Ludeman could easily make up for that missed player. In Option 2 Richardson or Laughlin could still score really well though. It depends if you want to play it safe or take a risk. I’m leaning towards Option 1 because I believe it’s worth the risk missing out on 1 player because Ludeman could go big. It might be worth asking Josh for another opinion because it is a tough call.


  2. Yep he said option 1 also. I’m thinking of putting Simmons captain over Ludeman possibly. He opens the batting as well as he bowls, possibly all 4 overs. But then Ludeman could hit 100 of 50 this week.


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